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Friday, July 5, 2013

2013-2014 Bring It On!!!!

I love that phrase! It's something I teach my kiddos. When something is difficult or when they have to take their insanely long and difficult district landmark tests, I teach them to.....BRING IT ON! I live by this and it helps me get through difficult tasks and times, so why not share it with the kids. It really does wonders in their attitudes and their effort.

Anyways.....back on track. When thinking about the upcoming school year, the first thing is to hash out a schedule. A teacher friend of mine and I got together to do just this. You teachers may know this, but most people don't realize the challenges of planning out your daily schedule. There are schedules within  schedules within schedules! Well, here is what we came up with thus far! I'm sure it will change, but here we go! Let me know what you think! 

2013-2014 Schedule

7:30- 7:50          breakfast/Tumblebooks/meet with extra groups
7:50-8:20          Morning Meeting/Poem of the Week/Phonics Dance
8:20-8:50          Writing (10 minutes mini lesson    10 minutes independent work    10 minutes sharing)
8:50-10:20        Math Block
                                 8:50-9:00        Warm Up (Minute Math, Spiral Review, Facts Practice)
                                 9:00-9:15         Group #1
                                 9:15-9:30         Mini Lesson
                                 9:30-9:45         Group #2
                                 9:45-9:55         Mini Lesson (Problem Solving)
                                 9:55-10:10       Group #3
                                 10:10-10:20    Wrap Up-Math Write
10:20-10:40       Read Aloud (vocabulary focus)
10:40-11:00       Guided Reading Group #1
11:00-11:45         Specials
11:50-12:30        Lunch
12:30-12:45        Read Aloud (with same book as morning but with comprehension focus)
12:45-1:00          Independent Reading (teacher conferences with students)
1:00-2:00           RTI  Block
                                  1:00-1:30    RTI reading groups
                                  1:30-1:40    Root of the Week
                                  1:40-2:00    RTI math groups
2:00-2:25            Science
2:25-2:35             Homework chart and pack up
2:35-2:45             Recess

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