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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Another Project Done!

As I'm finishing my class economy wallets, I decided to start a Pinterest inspired project for school. You can't have too many projects going at the same time.....right? So most people know the following things about me......I love monkeys, volleyball, my dogs, and teaching. I came across two separate posts on Pinterest, and being as creative as I am (uh huh) I decided to combine the two and...........
I plan to use these cards for making groups or pairs randomly in the classroom. 
I used my Cricut machine to cut these shapes which make the adorable monkeys.

Of course nothing lasts long in the classroom unless you laminate it!  I love these thermal
laminating pouches! You can find them at Walmart for about $3.00...not too bad! And I'm
WAY too cheap to buy a laminator, so I laminate with my iron! Make sure you put it between
a cotton T-shirt. Works like a charm!

1 comment:

  1. Ahahah you are too cute! I love these! Way to keep busy... I need to get my life together...

    Reaching for the TOP!